CX500 custom for sale, 2nd attempt (pics, video)

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CX500 custom for sale, 2nd attempt (pics, video)

Postby Wolfgang S » Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:39 pm

Hello everyone,

As I wrote in the other thread, I have to let go of one of my CXes to fund shipping the other one across the ocean. Just to put this up front here - I intend to keep the custom painted tank and sidepanels, so what's for sale is a rolling chassis without tank / side panels.

This thread is my second attempt, as I didn't realize I couldn't add pictures later on. If somebody feels like deleting the other thread, go ahead. And after spending today working on the bike instead of packing up the house, I can now confirm that everything appears to be working fine. The shiny exhaust is fitted and doesn't leak, I swapped the rear brake light switch for a new one and the engine is purring as it always did.

Just to repeat this here: I will keep the tank & side panels as souveniers, as a good friend of mine sorted them out, and I hope to put them back on a different CX in the future.

As for the rest of the bike:

- 30k miles engine, running quietly
- Hagon shocks, but rusty
- excellent gel battery
- very good chrome on the front mud guard, but somewhat rusty chrome on the rear mud guard.
- single piston front brake with steel brake line (US model)
- rear wheel from a regular CX, but matching comstar design.
- lots of paperwork.

No MOT, as the bike failed last time due to exhaust leaks - which the shiny exhaust fixed very thoroughly. I wouldn't expect any problems. Otherwise it is a 30 year CX that lived for a at least a few years outdoors - so there is rust on the frame, etc. See pictures.

I'd be happy to get 500 pounds & a quick pickup from Cambridge, am happy to discuss refunds if it fails the MOT. Bike needs to be gone by the end of the month, so I'll put an ad on ebay in a few days to make sure it goes. Would hate for it to be broken up. Paid twice as much for it a few years back, but I'd rather sell it to someone from the club. If I'm being unreasonable, please tell me.

Pictures were mostly taken after washing off the dust / cobwebs & before I fixed the exhaust and put the foot pegs / brake pedal back on. All images to be found here, some selected ones below, and this is how she runs as of today:" target="_blank" target="_blank








Perhaps I should also point out that the crash bars already had the scuff marks when I put them on there. If I could keep the bike, I'd probably look at doing something about the front forks and the starter motor down the line - but that's probably true for most of them.

And again, I will keep the tank & side panels as souveniers.

All the best,
If it's not leaking, it's empty. Don't trust a clean engine!
Wolfgang S
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