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A sturdy press tool for the water seal job - without resizin

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A sturdy press tool for the water seal job - without resizin

Postby BC30SE » Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:54 pm


I made a very rigid and precise press which allows you to replace the water seal without the need of reboring/resizing the original aperture. The second picture shows the tourmax seal - 28.80mm out of the box, taken out of the rear cover just after pressing in, the new size after the job is 28.10mm. I had one spare cup that I was left with after doing the sheps method on one fn the engines so I used it here - bo no more sheps and no more reboring.


If anyone wishes to have one made let me know, 160pln... It is a very convenient tool if you work on this engines...
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