Countdown for the 2018 National Rally at the Belvedere & Calder Vale Sports Club, near Burnley in Lancashire., UK on the weekend of 18th-20th May 2018.

Tickets and details available NOW. Click here for details

It is currently Fri May 25, 2018 8:13 am

Name Role Photo History Contact
Marty Chairman Marty's History contact Marty
ericry Senior Manager ericry's History contact ericry
PeteG_CX500 Senior Manager   contact PeteG_CX500
DC Senior Manager DC's History contact DC
Marty Senior Manager Marty's History contact Marty
CXDave Senior Manager CXDave's History contact CXDave
Peetman Area Rep - East Anglia     contact Peetman
NIGE Area Rep - Home Counties     contact NIGE
ericry Area Rep - Ireland ericry's History contact ericry
grollie Area Rep - Midlands     contact grollie
Geoff Area Rep - North East     contact Geoff
Sox500c Area Rep - North West     contact Sox500c
Ol Turbs Area Rep - South East     contact Ol Turbs
CXDave Membership Secretary - EEC CXDave's History contact CXDave
CXDave Membership Secretary - ROWL CXDave's History contact CXDave
PeteG_CX500 Membership Secretary - UK   contact PeteG_CX500
CXDave Web master CXDave's History contact CXDave
DC Treasurer DC's History contact DC
PeteG_CX500 Renewals Secretary   contact PeteG_CX500
Marty Club Shop keeper Marty's History contact Marty
Mike in France Tech Committee Leader     contact Mike in France
John Mac Show coordinator   contact John Mac

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