CX / GL MCC • History of the club

History of the M.C.C.

The CX & GL MCC (UK) is an Internet based group for owners and fans of the Honda series of transverse, V twin, Shaft drive 400, 500 and 650cc motorbikes.

Humble Beginnings

It all began in January 2002 with a phonecall from Steve Corney in Exeter. Steve spent much of his time at work on the net searching for obscure aircraft parts from various suppliers around the world. He also commuted every day backwards and forwards on a CX 500 C that he had rebuilt years earlier, from a box of bits bought at an auto jumble, a brave man! Steve's bike was pretty much like him: unique, the ignition for instance, was a starter button from a Chipmunk aircraft, held onto the bike with a spare spanner!

Anyway, when the local Motorcycle Action Group in Exeter folded due to lack of interest, Steve was left with time on his hands and virtually no motorcycling buddies. He surfed the net for hours at a time (at his employer's expense ' good man) and noted that there was NO CX Owners club operating in the UK at that time.

For want of anything better to do, he contacted me (Skippy) and asked if I thought that forming a club would be feasible, and after few beers I couldn't think of a reason why not' So off Steve went again, surfing the net, this time looking around the Swedish and American owners sites for every email address that ended in .UK. Steve compiled a list and at the beginning of Feb 02 sent out a mail shot.

Not knowing any better in those early days we congregated on, but it wasn't a very friendly environment and on the 11th February 2002 we all received a message from Gaz asking us to move to the CX-GL M.C.C. UK Community site on the Microsoft Network (MSN) and the rest is history.
Those Comstars Just 'Keep' Turning
Gaz, it would appear, like the rest of us had an affinity to his bike (a black 500 Eurosport) and had previously owned other CX models. As a consequence of setting up the community on MSN Gaz was nominated as the 'manager' ' making a clear distinction between us the 'CX-GL M.C.C. UK' and other motorcycling clubs and organisations. Over the months that followed, Gaz approached me: Skippy - and Steve, and asked us both to accept the role of Assistant Manager ' this we did. A few months later Steve announced that he was moving to Spain in double quick time, as he had just returned from a touring holiday with his wife and bought a house over there! Things don't stand still in this M.C.C. and before long we had another Asst Manager: Roly, who found us a location for our first rally. Later, at our behest, Del Boy, Tim, Hacky, Johnny Alpha, Paul & Dave all accepted roles within the 'management team'. We still retain our respective titles as assistant managers, as that is all we are ' the M.C.C. fundamentally runs it's self, all decisions facing the M.C.C. are discussed on a weekly basis in the M.C.C. chat room - as democratic as we can make it!

At first, Gaz & I were concerned that we were on a hiding to nowhere. Questions like; is there any one else out there like us, or are we just a couple of motorcycling aberrations' It didn't take us long to realise that unloved by the press the CX maybe, unfairly dubbed the 'Plastic Maggot' by cynical journalists spoiled by the latest 'Crotch Rocket' ' there are a large group of people out there who LOVE their bikes: and all we were doing was giving them a place to congregate and enjoy themselves.

'The times they are a changing!'

Since those first days, the M.C.C. has taken off in a way that none of use expected. Early on we recognised that while the M.C.C. would slowly grow on the MSN it wasn't that particularly easy to find, especially with a search engine like Google ' so on a whim and a debit card the web address was purchased.

Gaz and I struggled to create a single web page - Gaz finally did manage it, without my so called 'help' - which we wanted to use as a sort of sign post into our group area on the MSN. As time passed, so the M.C.C. membership continued to grow and the need to get a bit more 'organised' became very necessary. The UK was broken down into regions and an Assistant Manager appointed as a representative for each region (see the relevant page for a current list of management team members).

Each succeeding year, since the first M.C.C rally on that exceeding hot late May bank holiday we have held the 'M.C.C. National Rally'; always in a different location. The second year we went to Stotfold, thanks to Delboys sister Shirley, the year after to Keswick in Cumbria and then we had the magnificent JOCX Rally at Wiston in Scotland, when the first of our European friends made the trip over here! In 2006 we returned the compliment to our Scottish region and held the National event down in Devon. Next year, and following years'''' It could be near you!

At each National Rally we hold the AGM and major issues facing the M.C.C. are debated and decided upon. With the probability of subscription being voted in (which was the subject of much discussion during 2005) the management team was able to institute a programme of improvements that would allow us an up-rated shop, affiliation to the British Motorcycling Federation, an improved M.C.C. chatroom facility and the Associate Membership programme.

Moving On

We also made a historic move away from the Microsoft Network; (no tears where shed) the MSN group site had been our home for the first 4 years and it is true to say that we had literally out grown them. We had 957 signed in members (not all of whom where active by any shakes) and where receiving messages from the MSN telling us we were using too much bandwidth''''.. Time for a change!!!

Dave French, our web master worked extremely hard during the first quarter of 2006; we also took on a Membership Secretary (Thank you Karen) and appointed Rob Davis as 'Rest of the World Liaison' to represent Associate members. By the middle of June 06 where in a position to role out our new website, with its own noticeboards, chatroom and links to various different areas. It's an ongoing process and will take a little more effort and some tweaks to get it perfect!!!!..

What we've achieved is to gather together the unlikeliest bunch characters you could ever meet, all of whom just want to tinker with their bikes, ride them and generally have a good time! Members of this M.C.C. have ridden all over Europe to visit other clubs and rallies; with only one or two mishaps along the way, (thank goodness for decent break down cover and the overwhelming generosity of our friends abroad).

We've lost a couple of friends over the years, each are remembered by their mates at the AGM with a toast and a simple, but touching poem.

While we take pride in out UK heritage, we actively welcome everyone who shares our passion for CX & GL's. Truly, motorcycling knows no boundaries, and the Internet makes the world a small place.

Members of this M.C.C. seem to be of a 'mature' nature. One of our greatest assets is Delboy, much loved and respected by all. He's now 80 years old, and is a worldly wise steadying hand to the rest of us 'young pups' We are sure he will continue to ride with us for many more years to come!

So, until the history of this growing M.C.C. needs writing again:

For, and on behalf of the members and the management team:

Ride Safe. Skippy. QRT.


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