Stotfold Rally May/June 2003

31st May 2003 - 1st June 2003

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Reg Nr. Model Owner Front view Rear view
CRH439X GL500 Silver Wing
LUD287W CX500A Rob Davis Alas No Pic Alas No Pic
XEC79Y CX650 Custom
RMD761Y GL500 Silver Wing
NKG471X GL500 Silver Wing
VLW546X CX500B Phil
NND390W CX500B/Custom
PRR68W GL500 Silver Wing
ULA956W CX500D
GRF46T CX500D Jock
FYT245V CX500Ca Tel
WSF948Y CX650C George from Edinburgh
JUG582V CX500 Daveinhythe
ECA860X CX500B
SKM165W CX500B
USO843X CX500EC Gaz
HTT538Y GL650 Silver Wing Skippy
HUR840Y GL500 Silver Wing
NWR457V CX500B Anne Alas No Pic
A48KBJ CX500EC Fio Alas No Pic
KAE323X CX500 Bitza Reggie
ADU239X CX500 Turbo
FOW600X CX500B Colin
WTK10V CX500B Tim
B113BCW CX500B

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