Eric Ryan's bike history

I’ve always been fascinated with motorized two wheelers starting with an old Quickly Moped that was in the shed for years when we were kids. At 17 I became the proud owner of a low mileage Honda H100S. This was trashed (and crashed) for 2 years before college and living in Dublin meant it spent all its time in the shed at home and it was eventually sold to fund a deposit on my first house.

In the interim I’d ridden some friend’s bikes and some dirt bikes etc.

So when the time came to return to biking in early 2007 after nearly 20 years away from bikes I was on the lookout for a motorbike and had a few criteria in mind;

After “google-ing” around lots of bikes the CX500 kept coming up…..I eventually stumbled across a picture of a CX500 Eurosport…....and the rest as they say is history…I’d always drooled over a white CX500 Eurosport owned by a guy at a company I worked for in the late 80’s.

I took the plunge and bought a white CX500 Eurosport from Oxford Classic Honda…of course I paid too much and soon after ended up doing a full triple by-pass etc but it was all a good learning experience. I think I joined the club within a week of getting the bike !

Since then I’ve “acquired” another CX500 Eurosport, a couple of old BMW boxers, a CX650 Custom, a Buell XB12XT and a Beta Alp 200cc Enduro bike. At this point the garage is full and the purse is very empty so the collection will not be growing any more. Right now all bikes are running and on the road except for one of the Boxers and my “spare” CX500 which I’ve “borrowed” some coils off !!

Love getting out on the bikes, any of them. Love meeting other members for tea/coffe, brekkie, a chat, rallies etc.

Thanks to all for the great help and companionship and friendship I’ve gotten from this club !!

Eric (Nov 2011).