CX/GL OWNERS’ CLUB – Daniel C. Evans

D.O.B. 19 APRIL 1958

Current Location : Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire.

Started riding motorcycles at 16 years young and my first bike was a Yamaha autolube 50cc step-thru. It was a hand-me-down from my dad who had been a biker in his time.

I purchased my first ‘proper’ bike at 17 which was a Suzuki GT250 Ram Air and this is the bike that I passed my test on. Back in the day, the test was a straight forward affair (ride without falling off) and Suzukis were being sold in the bucket load because of the famous Barry Sheene.

I passed on the Yam to my younger brother, but that was like giving strawberries to a pig and sold on the Suzi way back in 1976 as I was about to join the RAF. The Suzi was subsequently stolen from the new owner and was never to be seen again. Like many bike owners, I should have kept hold of it.

I rode other bikes such as a tinny MZ, a fine Honda CB200 and a quirky Honda 400 automatic, but my next decent bike was a CBR600FP and how stunning this bike was and, in my opinion, still is to this day. It sits alongside my ST1300 which I use for my extended trips abroad and my recent addition, a CB1100ex, which I have to just look at.

Having served in the RAF for 22 years, mostly as an aircraft technician, I’ve picked up some useful engineering skills and competences, which has given me the confidence to fix and repair various things and do the best job I can with any task I set myself. As I am now nearing the end of my working life (hopefully retire at age 60), I decided I needed a hobby that I would enjoy and could continue with as the years slip by, so decided to have a go at restoring motorbikes. Reading MCN one day, I came across a CX500 being sold for £350 and, although I didn’t have any knowledge of this bike at the time, I thought it would make a good start. So, I purchased the non-runner and transported it back home and, after a short while, realized that I had bought a rough old dog. However, that was the start of my affair with the CX and I now have 3 of these bikes. They are all roadworthy but are ongoing projects as there is no rush to get these to show standards just yet.

To me, the CX is a work of art and a great bike to ride but a little short on tank range ! Currently, I’m on the look out for a blue CX500B to add to my collection.

I have lots to offer in support of the CX/GL Owners’ Club and enjoy rides out and gatherings. Although, at my tender age of 59, nothing too spirited and everything in moderation.